Monday, October 10, 2011

Tool #4

So far, I have created a Google doc and a Google form to share with the 6th grade ELA team. This document can be used as a reading log for our students to record the following information for each book: title, author, summary, and total number of pages read. This document is shared with the student so they can go in and add to it on a regular basis.
There is such a variety of Google Apps in the classroom that for Language Arts, we could come up with so many uses depending on what are lesson is at the time. I am looking forward to using them all in the classroom.

Tool #3 Video 2 - Creating an i-movie

Tool #3 Video 1 - Memoir

Tool #2

The idea of using an Educator PLN is great! I think it is a great opportunity to not only have creative ideas at your finger tips, but to be able to communicate with colleagues in your content area. For example, I might be conisdering a project in my lesson plan but am not sure how well the logistics will work out. This would be a good place to go and see if someone else as tried it, what it looks like, and how it worked for them. This would also be a great resource for contacts in skyping opportunities between classrooms.
I plan to visit the following url in the future:

Friday, October 7, 2011

9/10 Izaiah Group imovie

Period 7/8 Lamerria Group imovie

Period 7/8 Taylor Group imovie

Period 7/8 Kimberly imovie

Period 7/8 Tyler Group imovie

Period 7/8 Jesus Group imovie

Period 1/2 Jay Group imovie

Period 1/2 Veronica's group imovie

Period 1/2 Lucero Group imovie

Period 1/2 Kevin P. Group imovie

Period 1/2 Kenneth Group imovie

Monday, October 3, 2011


Welcome to Mrs. McCauley's Class blog!

Here you will be able to communicate with all of your classmates and as well as share and post assignments as requested. Parents are also encouraged to come and visit this site to see what is going on in our classroom! Make sure to write down this blogsite in your journals to keep handy whenver you need it! I look forward to this new way of communicating with everyone!!